City of Powell River established the community forest reserve fund (bylaw 2012/08) to receive dividend deposits from Powell River Community Forest. Monies received will be used for special community projects that will benefit the community as a whole. Before deciding on use of the fund, the city will seek input from PRCF.

We welcome new grant applications and updates to existing applications at any time. Our rolling application list is updated and reviewed on an ongoing basis with city staff.  More information on the process to apply and our evaluation criteria can be found here. Applications may be submitted at any time by mail or sent electronically to both. Successful applicants receive the grant in two payments from the City; 70% is paid upon signing the Community Forest Grant funding servicing agreement with the city and the final 30% payment upon completion of the project and submission of records of project expenditures. Monies not required to complete the intended scope of the project remain in the community forest reserve fund for other community grants.

Powell River Community Forest Ltd
4760 Joyce Avenue, Powell River, BC V8A 3B6
Attention: Greg Hemphill, President

City of Powell River
6910 Duncan Street, Powell River, BC V8A 1V4
Attention: Mallory Denniston – Chief Financial Officer
604.485.6291 local 222

Powell River Community Forest Ltd.

4760 Joyce Ave.
Powell River, BC
V8A 3B6

Direct Contact

Chris Laing – PRCF Manager

Greg Hemphill – President

Mallory Denniston – Chief Financial Officer

Forest Fire

Local: 604.483.3666

Provincial 1.800.663.5555