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Contact Information

Applications may be submitted by mail or sent electronically to both;
Powell River Community Forest Ltd and the City of Powell River

attention; Greg Hemphill, President.

attention; Adam Langenmaier, Chief Financial Officer



Profits from Powell River Community Forest Ltd (PRCF) forestry operations are returned to the community in the form of grants to support community projects. The City of Powell River has established the Community Forest Reserve Fund (the fund) to receive PRCF’s annual dividend deposits. Dividends result from the PRCF board approving our audited yearend financials at the Annual General Meeting in the spring.


Community Forest Reserve Fund – City Bylaw # 2212 (2008)


“Money from the fund will be used for special community projects that will benefit the community as a whole. The money in the fund is not intended to be used for city operations or capital expenditures of a regular nature. Before any money is used from the fund the city will seek input from the PRCF board”


Grant Application Process


In terms of formal roles, the PRCF board makes recommendations for grants from the fund, City council approves those grants. Functionally, it is a collaborative process between PRCF reps and City staff. 


We welcome new grant applications (and updates to existing applications) at any time. Grant applications must be copied to both the PRCF and City contacts below. Over time we expect to consider a wide range of grants for projects of different themes and sizes from both community groups and the City. There is no set distribution targets as PRCF’s focus is on the best projects based on our evaluation criteria.


PRCF reps and city staff communicate on an ongoing basis to review the status of the fund, the progress of projects which previously received grants and the grant application list. We keep a “rolling” grant application list. Eligible projects not selected remain on the list for consideration for future grants. 


Proponents are asked to take the time to prepare project plans which provide sufficient detail to evaluate the merits of the proposal. The application must clearly identify what aspects of the project are intended to be supported by the grant. 


Evaluation Criteria


To guide the PRCF board and City’s staff’s review of grant applications and inform proponents as to what are desirable attributes, PRCF identified the following evaluation criteria;


  • The broader objective of the fund is to invest in projects which will provide sustainable benefits for the community.
  • The allocation of funds must be consistent with the intent of the Community Forest Reserve Fund bylaw. That intent extends to applications from other public sector agencies and to a certain extent community groups.
  • Grant applications received for city projects are assumed to have the City’s senior management support. We encourage a partnership approach between the city and its user groups. Under most situations the City will manage projects involving city facilities.
  • The grants are intended to support capital investment. A design/build approach may be considered but not feasibility studies, administration or ongoing operations. The fund is not intended to be used for donations or sponsorships.
  • Community Forest Reserve Funds may be identified to match or leverage funds from other sources such as provincial or federal infrastructure grants. PRCF is open to being a funding partner with other community entities which provide grants such as Rotary, First Credit Union, and the Community Foundation.
  • We encourage grant applications from community groups, non-profits, public sector agencies and local government.
  • Proponents should have a solid track record in the community and be a stable entity going forward.
  • The application should identify the level of community support that exists and why the project outcome will be considered a community asset.
  • We favor projects where the community group already has an investment in the project, has raised a portion of the project budget themselves or they have included a volunteer component.
  • We prefer to select community projects which are ready to be developed. Grant funds should be used in a timely, efficient manner.
  • We favor projects which create opportunities for local contractors, workers and suppliers and we encourage projects which demonstrate the use of locally manufactured wood products.

Student Scholarships



Powell River Community Forest Ltd will be awarding up to three $3,000 scholarships to Powell River residents who plan to study in a post-secondary forestry related trades program or academic program at a recognized Canadian post-secondary institution.

Applications will include;

  • References from at least two community leaders, employers, volunteer coordinators, business owners, or teachers stating why this candidate is a good choice for a forestry related program.
  • Up to 250-word description of what field of study you want to take, why that is important to you and how it relates to forest management.
  • A transcript of last two years of schooling.
  • Your contact information.

Applicants may be interviewed by the selection committee.

To receive scholarship monies applicants will be asked to supply: Proof of enrollment in Canadian post-secondary institution university, college or trade related program or school.

We are looking for applicants who are active in the community, and are committed to studying and working in a forest related field. The fields we expect include occupational, trades, apprenticeship courses such as scaling, falling, machine operator and heavy duty mechanic, or degree programs in forestry resource management including forestry, wildlife biology, and environmental studies.

     We will consider applicants who have previously graduated from high-school as well as students who are already enrolled in a university, college or trades program.

Deadline for applications is the last Friday in May.

Scholarship Applications can be sent via e-mail to

or to address below:
Powell River Community Forest Ltd.,
4760 Joyce Ave,
Powell River, BC, V8A 3B6

Powell River Community Forest Ltd.

4760 Joyce Ave.
Powell River, BC
V8A 3B6

Direct Contact

Chris Laing – PRCF Manager

Greg Hemphill – President

Adam Langenmaier – Chief Financial Officer

Forest Fire

Local: 604.483.3666

Provincial 1.800.663.5555