More than $1.1 million in Community Forest grants approved

Powell River Community Forest Ltd. handed the City of Powell River its largest dividend cheque in its history, totalling $2,130,450, from log sales in 2017.

At the City of Powell River Council meeting, Thursday, May 17th, Greg Hemphill, President of the Powell River Community Forest Ltd., said the process to move from the Powell River Community Forest Ltd declaring our annual dividend through to council approving grants that are given out to community organizations is a collaborative one with the City of Powell River.

Mayor Dave Formosa expressed his appreciation to the Powell River Community Forest board of directors for its ongoing efforts. “We all know how great of an opportunity this is for everyone,” he said. “A big thank you to all from your community and from your City Council.”

Hemphill returned the thanks to council.

“We definitely respect how hard you work at your jobs for the good of the community. I certainly hope, as partners in the process, that you allow yourselves to feel the same level of satisfaction we get when these grants go out, and when you get a chance to check out some of the projects that have been completed.”

Hemphill said with the addition of the $2.1 million this year, the Powell River Community Forest has deposited more than $10.6 million into the Community Forest Reserve Fund. With the 18 grants that were being allocated at the May 17th council meeting, more than $1.1 million of the

$2.1 million dividend has been committed. In total the Community Forest has funded 109 grants for different projects in the community since its inception.

“It’s kind of cool when you see what kind of positive impact the Community Forest has had in the community,” Hemphill said.

The large 2017 dividend allows to have both a spring and a fall take up for grants. For these spring 2018 grants, the following applicants received grant funding to support their projects:

  • Powell River Parks and Wilderness Society Sunshine Coast Trail, north end shelter and other enhancements, $73,304
  • Zackery’s Social Network Society K-Lumet Pilot Project – waste wood trucking, storage container, office equipment, wood splitter, wax tank – contribution towards a facility for manufacture of quick-burning fire starters employing persons with disabilities, $36,289.51
  • Powell River Curling Club contribution towards replacement of the ice plant, $150,000
  • Wild Ocean Whale Society to set up ocean viewpoints, including standing binoculars, signage, presentation materials, $44,167, subject to siting approval by local government
  • Knuckleheads Winter Recreation Association Sentinel Backcountry cabin construction – second top-up grant to cover increase in construction costs, $15,000
  • Ohtaqken Canoe Paddle Project – purchase wood, pay carvers to make paddles, purchase mast and sail for tribal journey, $14,235


  • Gillies Bay Volunteer Fire Department contribution towards a Mobile Structural Protection Unit for regional emergency resource to be located on Texada Island, $23,000
  • Powell River Employment Program tenant improvements for new lease space at Crossroads Village for PREP administration staff and Immigrant Services Program, $130,000
  • Cadet Corps of Powell River with support of BC Target Sports Association contribution towards establishing an indoor training facility for target shooting, $14,545
  • Vancouver Coastal Health on behalf of Evergreen Extended Care Resident and Families, purchase and install double-wall oven, $6,365
  • Powell River Gymnastics Club, replace the foam pit, including removal and disposal of old foam, $60,000
  • Powell River Public Library contribution towards PRPL fundraising “Build a Future” campaign associated with cost/naming rights for Library foyer, $250,000
  • City of Powell River North Harbour Launching Ramp improvements, $200,000
  • City of Powell River park signage upgrades, $30,000
  • City of Powell River playground equipment replacement at DA Evans Park, swing sets at Grief Point and Lindsay Parks, $67,000
  • City of Powell River disabled seating and pathways, Logger Sports Memorial Bowl, $10,000
  • City of Powell River cedar shake siding on Timberlane Park washroom building, $10,000
  • City of Powell River cedar shake siding on Museum Centennial Building, $25,000

Applicants may apply for grants at any time. Hemphill said it is expected the review process for the Fall 2018 grants will start in mid-September. For more information about the Powell River Community Forest, the website can be found at: